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The International Forum for Health Volunteering (IFHV) Concludes Sessions in Riyadh
26 October 2023

The International Forum for Health Volunteering (IFHV) 2023 concluded its sessions yesterday. The Forum was organized by the Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Health Volunteering Center in Riyadh under the theme “Health Volunteering in Confronting Chronic Diseases”.

 The IFHV came in line with the transformations that the Kingdom is witnessing at all levels within the framework of achieving Saudi Vision 2030, with a turnout of around 1,500 participants from health academics, health NGOs, and health volunteers, in addition to health volunteer departments.
On its last day, the IFHV also included a dialogue session entitled (Challenges of health volunteering in confronting chronic diseases) where different topics were discussed, the most prominent topics were the integration and coordination between sectors to confront chronic diseases, in addition to managing volunteers, and raising awareness to adopt the concepts and practices of health volunteering.
The participants enriched the second specialized session, which was entitled (The Role of Health Volunteering in Detecting and Treating Chronic Diseases),
The third specialized session discussed the role of health volunteering in reducing complications and improving the patient’s quality of life. The activities of the second and final day of the forum also included a review of a global experience" the Patients Helping Fund" in Kuwait, which is the first charitable medical institution established in Kuwait to help patients in need without religion or nationality considerations.
During the (IFHV), two workshops were organized under the titles,” Measuring the societal impact of volunteering on chronic diseases, and “the Health Volunteering Standards”. 
 It is noteworthy that organizing the International Forum for Health Volunteering (IFHV) 2023 comes as an extension of the successes achieved by the three previous local scientific forums, within the framework of the strategic directions of the Ministry’s Health Volunteering Center, represented in organizing volunteering in the health field, enabling the dissemination and promotion of the culture of health volunteering, in addition to achieving institutional excellence in the field to achieve the goal of volunteering within the objectives of the health transformation program in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.

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