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MOH Launches the 6th Season of Awareness Award «Wa3i»
17 October 2023
The Ministry of Health (MOH) began yesterday (Monday)receiving participation in«Wa3i» Award in its sixth season, with total cash prizes of more than one million riyals. It is one of MOH’s initiatives in partnership with the Council of Health Insurance.
The award aims to encourage innovators in the Arab world to produce creative content that contributes to enriching awareness in the health field, promoting healthy habits and raising awareness of the risks and negative effects that may affect public health, by participating in the award’s various tracks.
The Ministry indicated that the phase of receiving entries began this October and will continue up to January 2024 through its website. This season’s award will be available for Arab countries from the secondary and university levels of all ages to participate in the award’s six branches: short films, motion graphics, infographics, photography, and creative ideas, in addition to TikTok, the new branch allocated for this season.
The Award also includes an independent prize entitled (Audience Award), to be given to the top 10 participants voted by the public. The participants  should consider the requirements for each branch, click here.  The total votes in all seasons of the award amounted to more than 500 thousand votes. The total number of registrations in all seasons reached more than 30,000 registrants, and 19  Arab countries have participated in the Award.
It is noteworthy that MOH, through the «Wa3i» Award, seeks to motivate community members to adopt a healthy lifestyle to enhance prevention, reduce the incidence of disease, as well as contributing to achieve the goals of the “Vibrant Society” of the Saudi Vision 2030.
The award was first launched in 2017, targeting participants from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its sixth season was expanded to target citizens of Arab countries. The award uses those participations in spreading health awareness through the ministry media platforms. 

Last Update : 18 October 2023 11:21 AM
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