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Medical Team Removes Battery from Child’s Esophagus at Maternity and Children Hospital in Bisha
11 October 2023

​Surgeons at Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Bisha managed to save a child and remove a battery from the respiratory and digestive system in a very successful surgery that lasted 30 minutes, praise be to Allah.Bisha Health Affairs stated that the child was rushed to the emergency department in a critical condition where the medical team was able to perform a surgical intervention to save both respiratory and digestive systems by removing the incendiary battery stuck in a critical area, and it could cause complications to the child's two systems.The medical team treating the case stated that the child was complaining of a foreign body that caused difficulty in swallowing and breathing. Clinical and radiological examinations showed a battery stuck in the esophagus. This battery posed a threat to his health if the esophagus was punctured. He was immediately taken to the operating room where the laparoscopically was used to precisely remove the battery without any complications.The medical team confirmed that they perform these operations with extreme caution in case these batteries explode inside the cavity, and their chemical reactors may cause severe complications for the person who may lose his life as a result.It is worth noting that the emergency department at Bisha Hospital received 4,623 beneficiaries in September 2023, in addition to providing therapeutic services to 3,860 beneficiaries through the outpatient departments. The number of patients admitted to the hospital reached 701, while 308 surgical operations were performed, and the number of natural and cesarean births amounted to 298 operations. Surgeons were able to perform 133 one-day surgeries, the number of prescriptions dispensed reached 7,579, laboratory specialists were able to perform 170,992 laboratory tests, and the number of services provided in the radiology department reached 2,582 services. Telemedicine served 1,018 beneficiaries, and the number of cases followed up in the Development and Behavior Department reached 161 cases.

Last Update : 12 October 2023 01:40 PM
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