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MOH Launches an Awareness Campaign to Reduce Bullying in Schools
19 September 2023

​Ministry of Health launched an awareness campaign to reduce bullying in schools, with the aim of enhancing mental health among students at all levels and reducing the phenomenon of bullying.

The campaign aims to familiarize students with the forms of bullying, its effects, and how to deal with it. It also aims to educate parents and families about the seriousness of bullying and the importance of their role in dealing with bullying and confronting it.

MOH pointed out that the most important signs that indicate a student is being bullied are physical injuries, poor academic achievement, as well as anxiety and mood swings, in addition to a change in eating habits.

 Ministry of Health emphasized the importance of awareness to prevent bullying, as preventive measures include introducing students to the forms of bullying and its effects and teaching them how to deal with bullying, along with the importance of educating parents and families about the danger of bullying by monitoring their child’s actions that indicate he is being bullied and educating him about this wrong behavior and how to act when it occurs on him.

The Ministry encouraged students who are being bullied not to be silent and to communicate with their teachers, parents, or anyone else they trust, as well as to ignore the bully, stay away from him, and not respond to him, with the importance of not staying alone with the bully, as the latest studies indicated that 57% of bullying cases stop when any student who has been bullied takes one of these methods.

The Ministry also called on teachers and school principals to reinforce the importance of involving students and parents to be part of teams to reduce bullying, and the importance of reminding students that this behavior is unacceptable and that it has bad consequences, and helping students to engage in positive behavior and teaching them the skills of how to behave when bullying occurs.

This campaign comes within the framework of efforts made to combat the phenomenon of bullying in all its forms, including bullying among students in schools, and to enhance the psychological and educational health of students.

Last Update : 20 September 2023 09:58 AM
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