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Issuance of more than 330,000 Prescriptions in Najran
15 August 2023

Ministry of Health in Najran confirmed that the number of medical prescriptions issued to patients and visitors through 46 primary healthcare centers amounted to 339,164 prescriptions. MOH confirmed that it was the entity that provided the service of delivering medicines to beneficiaries in patients’ homes to more than 17,000 beneficiaries, in the first half of the year 2023, through the Medicinal Mail Service, through 9 hospitals, which included patients of (home care - people with disabilities - people with chronic diseases - people with low immunity), oncology patients, and patients with psychiatric clinics, elderly patients, and beneficiaries of virtual clinic services, in order to facilitate access to healthcare services and improve their quality, through which the Ministry seeks to spare for the beneficiaries the hardship of going to the hospital pharmacy and waiting for medicine to be delivered. MOH added that the number of beneficiaries from Medication Advice Clinics reached 1,534, in addition to 2,652 people benefiting from the drug education campaign that was conducted in the region hospitals for providing drug advice, educating patients, and answering all inquiries related to the optimal use of medicines.It is worth noting that Ministry of Health and the Saudi Postal Corporation signed an agreement to deliver medicines to patients' homes affiliated to the Ministry's hospitals and health centers, as a continuation of developing the relationship through the so-called (The Extra Mile) service provided by the Saudi Post. The (Medicinal Mail) agreement aims to gradually cover approximately 284 hospitals and medical centers in various regions of the Kingdom for the purpose of delivering medications prescribed to patients at their homes, through special containers for transporting medicines, at different temperatures, depending on the type of medicine.​

Last Update : 16 August 2023 10:23 AM
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