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MOH: Saving a Patient from Paralysis in Al-Qassim
13 August 2023


Ministry of Health stated that a medical team specializing in neurosurgery at Buraidah Central Hospital of Qassim Health Cluster contributed successfully to saving a patient from paralysis in the lower limbs in a surgery that lasted an hour and a half, all praises be to Allah.

MOH said: "Doctors at Buraidah Central Hospital received the patient's condition via emergency after he fell from a height of about ten meters, and he was complaining of severe back pain with inability to move the lower limbs, loss of urine control and weakness in the anal sphincter.

MOH added; Necessary examinations, laboratory analyzes, and magnetic resonance imaging were done, which showed that the patient had a compressive fracture on the spinal cord in the twelfth dorsal vertebra, and hemorrhagic trauma in the spinal cord at the level of the twelfth vertebra. Noting that in light of the results, the treatment team decided to conduct an urgent surgical intervention, in which the spine was fixed by placing screws and braces, and the pressure was removed from the spinal cord from the fracture of the twelfth dorsal vertebra, after which the patient was transferred to the inpatient departments and the case was followed up by the nursing and rehabilitation teams. which, thanks to Allah, after improvement of his condition, contributed to fully restoring the movement of the lower limbs and walking on the fourth day.

It is noteworthy that Buraidah Central Hospital was able, during the first half of the year 2023, to perform 8012 surgeries, which included orthopedic and spine operations, surgeries, ophthalmic operations, ENT operations, and other operations.

Last Update : 13 August 2023 03:02 PM
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