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Prominent Events of E-participation in Decision-Making
This webpage illustrates the most prominent events of e-participations in decision-making (current, future or even previous ones). Through this page, visitors of the MOH Portal can participate in any of the provided topics, as well as recognizing the future ones, aside from viewing the previous e-participations results by clicking the relevant link: 

List of " Current and Future" e-Participations in Decision-Making:

​Topic ​Start Date ​End Date ​Further Details
No e-participations currently


Archive of "Previous" e-Participations in Decision-Making:
​​Topic ​Start Date​ ​End Date​ ​Further Details
Which e-services  are of highest importance ? ​ May 9th, 2011 ​May 13th, 2011 Voting Results
Online Interview with the Director of National e-Health Strategy​ ​October 17th, 2011 ​October 17th, 2011 Interview Text
Online Interview with the Director of Project Management Office​ ​March 10th, 2013 ​March 10th, 2013 ​​Interview Text
​A Survey on the Saudi Health Information Exchange Polices​ ​​April 7th, 2014 ​​May 7th, 2014 Voting Results​
A Survey about Views of Health Practitioners in the Working Hours of Primary Healthcare Centers  ​ ​March 2nd, 2015 ​March 2nd, 2015 Voting Results
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