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Najran Health Affairs Closes 10 Violating Health Facilities
13 August 2023

​​MOH in Najran closed 10 private health facilities as a precautionary action for violating the regulations and policies of health practice.

MOH stated that the field Monitoring teams of the Compliance Department carried out 1,273 field tours during the first half of this year, which included hospitals, public and specialized clusters, pharmacies, laboratories, physiotherapy centers and optical shops, during which (153) violations of health regulations were detected, and 10 health facilities were closed as a preventive action until the necessary requirements are completed.

Najran Health Affairs stated that its Monitoring teams are continuing to carry out their sudden and scheduled field inspection tours for all health facilities to ensure compliance with health procedures, monitor any violations that negatively affect the quality of their services to patients and auditors, and take regular measures against the violating facilities.

It is worth noting that the number of private health facilities in the region amounted to 286 private facilities, including 3 hospitals, 62 medical complexes, 4 laboratories, and 189 pharmacies, while the number of optical shops reached 24, and 4 physiotherapy centers.

Last Update : 15 August 2023 05:24 PM
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