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Dammam Specialist Succeeded in Transplanting 26 Interchangeable Livers
09 August 2023

Organ transplantation physicians in the eastern region succeeded in transplanting 26 Interchangeable livers for patients, all praises be to Allah.

The doctors of King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Dammam - one of the components of the Eastern Health Cluster - said: Coordination and clinical examinations are being carried out for donor patients or brain-dead patients. To donate their organs to needy patients on the waiting list according to medical standards and rules based on careful studies and examinations conducted for all parties.
The cluster indicated that it was recently able to successfully perform a series of “domino” sequential liver surgeries, which were the first of their kind in the Kingdom. Where the medical team succeeded in performing the first operation to separate the liver from a brain-dead person and transplant it into two patients on the waiting list, as well as transplant a kidney and liver from two brain-dead infants (2.5 and 5 km), which is the smallest in size and age in the history of the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation.
It is worth noting that the center has received several international contributions in the field of organ transplantation. Among them is the presidency of the Arab Society for Liver Transplantation, the presidency of the Saudi Committee for Liver Transplantation, as well as the presidency of the Saudi Pediatric Nephrology Society. The center also succeeded in holding and organizing the International Conference of the Arab Society for Liver Transplantation in 2018, in the presence of a group of experts from around the world.

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