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MOH: Saving the Life of an Infant from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome who was Transported through Air Medical Evacuatio
09 August 2023

​​Ministry of Health announced that the life of an infant was saved after he was exposed to acute respiratory distress syndrome, where he was transferred from Jeddah to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh.The Ministry said: The life-saving line at the Medical Referral Center received a call from a hospital in Jeddah to request a remote medical consultation with the advisory team specialized in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO); This is for the case of an infant who was diagnosed by the attending physician with acute respiratory distress syndrome; Where he slept in the intensive care unit for children, and he was provided with the necessary treatment, but the medical condition of the child deteriorated due to a sharp drop in the level of oxygen in the blood; As a result, tubes for artificial respiration were installed, accordingly, the life-saving line at the referral center in the MOH was contacted to request life support service by extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). MOH indicated that the life-saving line at the Ministry's medical referral center responded quickly by taking the necessary measures. Where he coordinated between doctors specializing in the (ECMO) technology for children through an electronic platform for (virtual) communication medicine; This technical service enabled the specialists to follow up on the infant's condition and to know the emergency health status.Accordingly, a specialized medical team left from Riyadh to Jeddah, and the infant was placed on the ECMO device, and then transported by air medical evacuation to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh.It is noteworthy that the life-saving line at the Medical Referral Center in MOH provides the ECMO service with a specialized medical team for urgent intervention 24 hours a day, with a staff of consultants and specialists in the fields of surgery, diseases and heart catheterization. Life support technology by extracorporeal oxygenation is used in cases of respiratory failure, acute intractable cardiopulmonary respiratory failure. With the grace of Allah, the Almighty, and the support provided by the wise leadership - may Allah support them - in terms of support for health services, it has become possible to provide these services in all cities of the Kingdom, under the supervision of consultants and specialists in the ECMO team and other delicate specialties.

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