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Saving a Patient's Life through an Urgent Surgical Intervention to Replace the Mitral Valve
06 August 2023

The medical team by the grace of Allah, at King Salman Center for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, King Fahd Medical City, a member of the second Riyadh Health Caucus, was able to conduct a mitral valve replacement operation for an octogenarian patient suffering from multiple health problems. The medical team supervising the case said that the patient came to the Medical City emergency room after suffering difficulty in breathing and weakness in the body in general. The team confirmed that it was decided, after studying the case and its seriousness, to replace the mitral valve through a small opening through the left side of the rib cage, by means of a catheter, instead of performing the traditional routine heart operation, which could be dangerous for some patients, especially at this age and the unhealthy condition of the patient. And the team indicated that the patient was then transferred to the intensive care department to follow up on his health condition until stability, and to follow the treatment plan in the periodic follow-up of the patient's condition, until the shortness of breath disappeared and the patient returned to practicing his life normally, thanks to Allah, and he was safely discharged from the hospital, stressing that this type of case is considered complicated due to age factor and the general health condition of the patient, but with the presence of modern technologies and the efforts of the Saudi medical team in the field of anesthesia, cardiac intervention, surgeons and cardiologists, and an integrated nursing staff, the operation was successfully performed and achieved positive results.

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