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8 Surgical Hours to Repair an Artificial Joint Fracture in the Pelvis in Hail
31 July 2023

A medical team of orthopedic and joint surgery in Hail region was able to successfully restore the pelvic bone of a patient in a complex operation lasted for more than 8 hours, All Praises be to Allah.

Ministry of Health said that the doctors of King Salman Specialist Hospital affiliated to Hail Health Cluster were able, thanks to Allah, to perform the surgical intervention, which is considered one of the complex surgeries. This was after they received a patient who came to the emergency department suffering a fall that led to a double fracture of the pelvic bone.
The medical team supervising the case stated that, after conducting clinical and radiological examinations that showed the difficulty of the case, it was found that there was a dislocation in the joint that had previously been medically performed on the patient 12 years ago, which contributed to a fracture in the pelvic bone.
The treating team added that this urgent surgical intervention, which was decided to be performed on the patient, is considered one of the complex procedures in pelvic joint surgeries. This is due to the proximity of the artificial joint to the main arteries of the pelvis and the lower extremities, where the pelvis was restored, bone was implanted with external supports for the joint, and the arteries were isolated by vascular surgery specialists. After that, the patient was transferred to the inpatient department, and her health condition was monitored by doctors, nursing staff, and physical rehabilitation specialists to perform future exercises that contributed - thanks to Allah - in enabling the patient to walk in record time, and her safe exit from the hospital, praises be to Allah.
It is worth noting that King Salman Specialist Hospital performed operations this year in the field of artificial joints for 186 beneficiaries, while the total number of operations during the past six months reached 1366 operations in various specialties.

Last Update : 02 August 2023 10:19 AM
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