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MOH: Through 45 hospitals, 213 health centers and mobile clinics More than 100,000 beneficiaries of health services in the K
27 July 2023

Ministry of Health confirmed readiness of its facilities in tourist areas in the regions of Asir, Al-Baha, and Taif Governorate, to provide treatment and awareness services to citizens, residents, tourists, and visitors. during the summer season.

The Ministry indicated its readiness to deal with this season through specialized and trained medical staff supported by integrated health facilities in Asir region, through 20 hospitals, in addition to Prince Faisal bin Khalid Center for Heart Diseases and Surgery, to serve people and visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom by making 2468 beds available in these hospitals in addition to daily beds, as some hospitals in the region were supported with specialized staff, and the number of outpatient clinics was increased to reduce waiting lists and accommodate as much as possible during the summer period in addition to increasing the capacity for examinations In all laboratories, in addition to raising readiness of the pharmaceutical care service, and opening volunteer opportunities to support medical hospitals according to required specialties, indicating that the number of visitors to health services centers in the region to date has reached (253029) beneficiaries.
Ministry of Health stated that the reception of medical rehabilitation and long-term care cases has been increased in Ballasmar General Hospital, and the reception of patients with physiotherapy cases in primary health care centers (Downtown Abha - Al-Hamila - Al-Manhal - Al-Basateen), in addition to increasing the operational capacity to receive cases in the rehabilitation medical center in Asir.
The sectors were also supported by the health staff in primary health care centers. According to the need in anticipation of the expected increase, directing mobile clinics to work in tourist sites, participating in tourism festivals and events, participating in summer festivals with awareness and health education, introducing health initiatives, events and programmes, and directing field teams to detect chronic diseases, oral and dental health, and early examination in gatherings and visitor frequency sites.
Ministry of Health indicated that its facilities in Al-Baha region have received more than 35,000 cases to date, divided between emergency departments, outpatient clinics, admissions, and surgeries.
The ministry said that the number of beneficiaries from emergency departments amounted to more than 20,000 cases, while the number of beneficiaries from the inpatient department reached nearly 2,000 cases, and the number of outpatient clinics reached more than 12,000, and the total number of surgeries per week amounted to more than 300 operations.
The Ministry added, readiness has been raised in 94 health centers in various governorates of the region, as a number of primary health care centers operate on a 24-hour system, which are (Al-Dhafir Primary Health Care Center, Baljurashi 2 Health Center, and Ghamid Al-Zanad Health Center), while a number of health centers operate With a 16-hour system, which are (Al-Mandaq Health Center 1, Mashouqa Health Center, Bani Hassan Health Center, Baljurashi Health Center 1, Al-Aqiq Health Center 1, Qilwa Health Center 1, Al-Hajrah Health Center 1, and Al-Mekhwah Health Center 1), in addition to raising the readiness of the emergency departments and outpatient clinics in 10 Hospitals, in addition to specialized centers, including dental centers and dialysis centers in the region.
With regard to Taif Governorate, the Ministry said that it provided its services during the last month of Dhu al-Hijjah 1444H to more than 45,000 beneficiaries in all facilities and departments, in addition to operations, dialysis sessions and clinics, while health centers provided services to more than 21,000 beneficiaries through primary health care centers. 
The Ministry confirmed that it has raised the readiness of health facilities in the governorate, and sites within the scope of its health services distributed on roads associated with the governorate, in preparation for the summer season, since the governorate is one of the important tourist destinations in the Kingdom, and a destination for millions of tourists every year, and it witnesses the establishment of a large number of tourist activities and events, the most prominent of which this year is the King Salman Championship for Arab Football Clubs, the Camel Festival, and the equestrian race, in addition to various tourism activities.
It indicated that 15 internal and peripheral hospitals and 107 health centers have been equipped in Taif Governorate, to continue providing health services and medical care to patients, and to deal with emergency cases

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