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MOH, Through its "Live Well" Platform Launches a new Awareness Initiative under the Slogan #Darbak_Sehha, with the Aim of Ra
27 July 2023

​Ministry of Health, through its main platform, "Live Well", launched a new awareness initiative aimed at raising awareness of healthy behaviors inside the car under the slogan #Darbak_Sehha, to raise awareness of healthy behaviors inside the car for safer driving.

The Ministry, showed what must be taken before driving by making sure of the brakes, lights and wheels of the car, adjusting the control settings, checking the vehicle periodically, in addition to adjusting the seats and mirrors of the car. While driving, it is necessary to fasten the seat belt, maintain the level of limited speed and keep a safe distance, focus only on driving, leave eating and drinking, as well as avoid correspondence or talking on the mobile phone. 
The Ministry noted that in emergencies, it is necessary to know emergency procedures, manage moments of fatigue and illness, cooperate with traffic and ambulances, and know ambulance and traffic numbers. In view of the long times that people spend in completing daily and necessary trips, and among the important points in this initiative is not to leave compressed cans and portable chargers in the car, and to apply sunscreen cream, while taking care of the correct sitting method and stretching exercises for muscle health, and to choose healthy meals and drinks free of sugars and fats, and avoid fast food.
MOH indicated that the "Live Well" platform seeks, through its awareness initiatives, to promote healthy behaviors that we practice on a daily basis for better health, indicating that previous and current awareness initiatives can be followed through its accounts on social Media sites: LiveWellMOH.

Last Update : 27 July 2023 02:50 PM
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