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Ministry of Health Detects 477 Violations against Health Facilities and Practitioners in the Eastern Region
18 July 2023

Ministry of Health detected (477) violations against health facilities and practitioners in the eastern region, including 346 violations against health facilities, and 131 violations against health practitioners of health professions, during the first half of the current year 2023.

The Ministry indicated that the most prominent of these violations were exceeding specialization, working without a license, infection control, and not providing medicines, in addition to non-conformity of the profession in Iqamah with the specialization stated in the license to practice the profession.
Ministry of Health said that these violations came as a result of inspection visits carried out by competent departments, which amounted to 13,003 visits to hospitals, government centers, medical complexes, and pharmacies, with the aim of ensuring adherence to the application of precautionary measures to preserve public health, while the control rounds included 6,123 round to comply with the precautionary measures, 234 round to hospitals affiliated to the Ministry, private hospitals, medical complexes, primary care centers and medical laboratories, 5,400 rounds to measure the availability of medicines, and 528 rounds to register vaccines in the national record of vaccinations, 269 rounds to ensure that dental and ophthalmological clinics are committed not to exceed specialization, and to ensure that dermatology and cosmetic clinics operate in accordance with work regulations in the private sector, and 449 follow-up rounds.
Ministry of Health confirmed continuity of field auditing and follow-up work for all health facilities, to ensure adherence to health and preventive measures, and the absence of violations that negatively affect quality of services provided to patients and visitors, and its keenness to interact with all complaints and reports that it receives through the unified number for communication 937.

Last Update : 18 July 2023 05:43 PM
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