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Saving Lives of a Female & Male Pilgrims before Leaving the Kingdom from a Severe Heart Attack
17 July 2023

​​​​Medical teams at the Health Control Center at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah managed to save the lives of a Jordanian and a Bangladeshi pilgrim who had a heart attack before leaving the Kingdom.

The Health Authority in Jeddah confirmed that medical teams at King Abdullah Medical Complex were able, thanks to Allah, to save the life of a Jordanian woman who had suffered an unstable angina pectoris and an acute heart attack, which almost took her life after the end of Hajj rituals and during her departure from the Kingdom to return to her homeland, where she was brought to the emergency department as a saving life case after first aid services were provided to her and her life was preserved, and due to her critical health condition, she was immediately transferred to the operating room for urgent cardiac catheterization, in which the anterior descending artery was opened and stents were installed in less than 70 minutes of her arrival at the medical complex, then transferred to the intensive care department and follow-up of the case by doctors and nursing teams until the condition stabilizes then discharged from the hospital and leaves the homeland safely.
The Health authority added that the medical teams also contributed to saving the life of a Bangladeshi pilgrim who suffered an acute heart attack, and the medical examinations that were conducted showed that he had an acute myocardial infarction with a complete blockage of the right coronary artery, and due to seriousness of the situation, an urgent catheterization operation was performed in which the right artery was opened, and expanded, so that the case is followed up with the medical and nursing teams until the case is stable and discharged and leaves the homeland safely.

Last Update : 17 July 2023 01:15 PM
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