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Delicate Surgery to Remove a Tumor from a Patient's Neck
10 August 2023


A surgical team in Hail region was able to conduct a precise surgical intervention and remove a benign tumor from the neck of a citizen whose was about to be endangered in a 3-hour operation successfully done, all praises be to Allah.
Ministry of Health stated that emergency doctors of King Salman Specialist Hospital affiliated to Hail Health Cluster were able, thanks to Allah, to perform an urgent surgical intervention to save the life of a citizen suffering from a large swelling in the neck area, where clinical, laboratory, radiological and magnetic examinations were conducted, which confirmed the seriousness of the condition at the location of the tumor around the nerves and veins area near the tumor.
The medical team treating the case said that a careful surgical intervention was performed in which the entire tumor was removed without damaging the nerves and veins in the neck area, after which he was transferred to the intensive care unit to follow up on his health status until stability by the medical and nursing teams.
The team indicated that a medical follow-up was carried out for the patient to ensure safety of the area after the surgical operation that was performed and the necessary examinations until his safe discharge from hospital in the coming days.
It is worth noting that King Salman Specialist Hospital Emergency Department received, during the first half of 2023, 13,563 references, and was able to perform operations for 1,366 patients, in addition to conducting 894,624 laboratory examinations and 8,935 magnetic rays, and 11,378 cases of physiotherapy were received, and it also received outpatient clinics in the hospital. 53,105 references and 178,811 prescriptions were issued.

Last Update : 13 August 2023 10:34 AM
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