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Mina Al-Wadi Hospital Succeeds in Providing Interpretation Services to Pilgrims
30 June 2023

​​With the aim of providing treatment and care services that enable pilgrims of Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Mina to complete the rituals in ease and without difficulties, Mina Al-Wadi Hospital launched a simultaneous translation service through Patient Experience Management Offices in the hospital, which allows medical advice to be provided in the pilgrim's language; Where a Turkish woman who slept in the hospital after suffering a pelvic fracture registered herself as the first beneficiary of this service.

It is noteworthy that Mina Al-Wadi Hospital also launched, during the Hajj season, a service linking pharmaceutical care in the hospital with most important sources and references for internationally approved medicines and poisons. This is part of the hospital's annual plans to improve curative and preventive services.
Mina Al-Wadi Hospital continues to provide its treatment services in Mina with a bed capacity of 160 beds, in addition to allocating 15 clinics in the hospital to serve the guests of Rahman. The hospital is also furnished with the latest supporting medical equipment and advanced modern technologies.

Last Update : 01 July 2023 10:15 PM
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