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Urgent Arterial Catheterization to Save The Life of an Infant in Qassim
13 June 2023

​Cardiologists in Qassim were able to save the life of a 3-day-old baby, all praises be to Allah, as they conducted an urgent successful surgery that took 30 minutes.Qassim Health Cluster affirmed that the cardiologists at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Qassim were able to save the life of a newborn weighing 2.9 kg suffering from complete atresia of the pulmonary valve with a very small size of the right ventricle, which led to the lack of blood reaching the lungs to be loaded with oxygen except through the canal connecting the aorta artery with the pulmonary arteries because of the blockage of the pulmonary valve, which may end the child's life.The team supervising and treating the case added that the diagnosis of this case was made through close follow-up during pregnancy by the specialized medical team in the pediatric cardiology department at the center, by conducting an ultrasound of the fetal heart, following up on the mother’s health during pregnancy, and coordinating the date and place of birth, as the infant was examined and diagnosed immediately after birth, and he was given the appropriate treatment. The treating team added that after completing the clinical, laboratory and radiological medical examinations, the doctors decided to perform a cardiac catheterization by placing a stent on the ductus arteriosus to ensure that blood reaches the lungs and nourishes the body with oxygen, after which the child is followed up in the inpatient departments by doctors and nursing specialists, and checks on the child’s condition continued until he is discharged from the hospital, Allah willing,  in good health with his family. It is worth noting that the center conducted more than 151 heart catheterizations for children during the past five months of this year.​

Last Update : 14 June 2023 09:57 AM
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