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8 Hours of Surgery to Restore a Person's Face Injured due to a Traffic Accident
08 June 2023

8 Hours of Surgery to Restore a Person's Face Injured due to a Traffic Accident​​​

A medical team specializing in maxillofacial surgery managed to save the life of a young man whose face was shattered and fractured due to a traffic accident that almost took his life - in successful operation that took 8 hours – all praises be to Allah.
And the Ministry of Health in Al-Baha said: Doctors of Prince Mashari Hospital received an appeal that there was a case needed to save a life by conducting urgent and rapid surgical intervention due to a severe traffic accident. When receiving the case in the emergency department and conducting clinical and radiological examinations, it was found that the patient had been subjected to shattering, fractures, and fragmentation in the face area, and the separation of the face from the left side of the skull, jaws, and nose. First aid was administered to control the life of the injured person.
Medical teams treating the case said that it was agreed immediately to call specialties (brain and nerves, general surgery, ear, nose and throat, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and anesthesia), and it was decided to conduct urgent surgical intervention. Where the medical team was able to restore the fractures of the mandible at the left angle of the jaw, and the body of the right mandible and fix it with metal plates. The fractures of the nose and the inner side of the eye socket from the left side were also restored and fixed with a metal plate, and eye movement was considered in that complex surgery that took 8 hours.
The treating team indicated that the injured person was transferred to the intensive care unit for medical observation, in which he remained for 48 hours, after which he was transferred to hospitalization rooms to follow up on his condition by doctors and nurses, and to provide him with treatment services until the condition stabilizes and becomes well and safely be discharged from the hospital. 
It is worth noting that Prince Mashari Hospital in Baljurashi performed more than 570 surgeries in all specialties during the past month, while the number of emergency patients reached 4,750, and more than 6,400 outpatient clinics during the same month.

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