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Health Endowment Fund Launches the 5th Health Grant Program for the Year 2023

Health Endowment Fund (HEF) announced the launch of the fifth Health Grant Program for the year 2023, as part of its pioneering role in designing quality health initiatives, establishing effective partnerships to promote sustainable health development, and activating the role of the non-profit sector in the GDP in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.Through the health grant programs, the Fund looks forward to providing support to specialized health non-government organizations (NGOs) to provide health services to most needy groups across the Kingdom, and the deadline for submitting applications will be June 20th, 2023.The announced grant programs come within the strategic support plan of the fund, as it seeks to achieve health goals set through five main areas: peripheral health, home health care, mental illness, improving a healthy lifestyle, and early detection of chronic diseases.The fund requires that submitted applications be compatible with specific grant areas, and that the applicant party must have a valid license from relevant government agencies, in addition to clarity and possibility of achieving the results of the programs. In order to benefit from the health grant program, the Fund invites those wishing to submit their applications to visit the grant portal at the specified link; This is to submit the appropriate applications no later than June 20th, 2023. The Fund hopes that these programs will contribute to enhancing health care in the Kingdom, and improving the health and awareness of society. It is worth noting that the Health Endowment Fund is an independent fund that was launched by a decision of the Council of Ministers in the year 1440H. It aims to build a health endowment model capable of contributing to facing health challenges, facilitating and activating efforts of the components of society to contribute thereto, and minimizing its effects through qualitative and sustainable initiatives.

Last Update : 05 June 2023 10:34 AM
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