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Minister of Health Holds the 18th Meeting with Investors in Provision of Health Services
04 June 2023

His Excellency Minister of Health, Mr. Fahd bin Abdul Rahman Al-Jalajel, met last Thursday with the investors at the Ministry's office in the Digital City in Riyadh, regarding the provision of health services. Where he discussed developments of the Health Transformation Program, the Saudization Program in the health sector, and private sector participation projects, in order to provide best health services to citizens and residents.

Ministry of Health stated that this meeting is the eighteenth of a series of His Excellency's meetings with investors in the provision of health services, which resulted in 117 initiatives that were jointly implemented.
MOH added that this meeting aims to complete the ministry's intention to involve the private health sector in the ministry's future methodology and strategy, where a study was reviewed of the most prominent challenges facing investors in the private health sector, and their proposals and recommendations.
The meeting also touched on the significant increase in number of insured persons in the Kingdom, where the segment increased from (3) million in 2011 to (11.5) million in 2022, including (9) million visitors.
It is worth noting that the total number of licenses issued by Ministry of Health amounted to more than 20,756 licenses, including 4,112 licenses in the year 2022, and the number of medical complexes and centers reached more than 5,888 complexes and centers, and the number of investment activities amounted to about 44 activities, and 12 activities with immediate licenses.
The business sector call center at (920018090) received (26577) calls, where the center receives inquiries from investors in the private health sector, observations and visuals, as well as measuring the result of satisfaction with services provided.
These periodic meetings with investors in the provision of health services aim to hear proposals and challenges facing the sector, to develop necessary plans, solutions and enablers, to create integration between public and private sectors, and to provide investment opportunities to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and the objectives of the health sector transformation program, which seeks through its initiatives to empower all partners in the sector; This contributes to serving citizens, residents and visitors by facilitating access to health services and raising its quality and efficiency.

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