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MOH: A Medical Team Saves the Life of a Female Citizen Premature Twins in Tabuk
25 May 2023

​​​A 30-year-old female citizen gave birth to twins after she has been waiting for a decade to be pregnant. After a medical team of neonatal specialists and consultants at the Maternity and Children Hospital in Tabuk succeeded in saving the life of premature twins born in the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy, as the first weighed 1400 grams and the second 1600 grams.

The Ministry of Health stated that the twins were placed on artificial respirators, given (Survanta) necessary to stimulate the lungs, in addition to intravenous nutrition, the necessary antibiotics and all the treatment needed.
The ministry indicated that the pregnancy was followed-up at the hospital until delivery, and the citizen was admitted to the operating room for a caesarean section, which lasted for about an hour, as the mother was discharged from the hospital after 48 hours, while the twin were admitted to the neonatal care department to follow up on their health, due to their varying weights, as one of the twin suffers from a third-degree cerebral hemorrhage.
The Ministry of Health stated that the premature twins left the hospital after a treatment trip that lasted three full months, during which an integrated treatment plan for such cases was developed, with the help of the twin mother, as she comes daily to feed them breast milk after withdrawing it through a tube during that period, and the weight of the first one reached 2100 kg, and the second is 2000 grams, without complications, praise be to Allah. Consultations and directions for the crisis were also provided to the mother through the Breastfeeding Department about ways, methods, and stages of breastfeeding.
It is noteworthy that the number of premature births in the Maternity and Children Hospital in Tabuk reached more than 142 births during the past five months.

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