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Ministry of Health in Taif Saves a Young Man's Life from a Scooter Injury summary

The Ministry of Health saved the life of a young man who had a traffic accident while using a scooter.The Ministry of Health stated that King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital in Taif received the injured young man, who suffered a severe head injury, a low degree of consciousness, and a deep lethargy. The neurosurgery team in the hospital dealt urgently with the young man case due to seriousness of the injury, and he was immediately admitted directly to the operating room, where the skull bone was opened and the bleeding was emptied and its source stopped. This operation was crowned with success, praise be to Allah, and the patient was able to walk on his feet without any complications, then he left the hospital a few days after receiving treatment, while the treatment plan, rehabilitation treatment and follow-up of his condition were prepared in Outpatient clinics, which confirmed a significant improvement in his condition. It is worth noting that King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital in Taif performed more than 2,700 operations during the past four months, of which 1,501 were one-day surgeries.

Last Update : 08 May 2023 03:33 PM
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