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A 4-Hour Surgery to Stop a Fatal Heart Bleeding in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Death Rate in such Cases Exceeds 60%.
02 May 2023

​A medical team specializing in heart surgery in Makkah Al-Mukarramah region was able to save the life of a young man with a sharp instrument penetrating the heart, which caused severe bleeding and a critical and unstable condition, in a 4-hour successful surgery. 
Makkah Health cluster said that an integrated medical team at King Abdullah Medical City received an urgent notification by one of the hospitals in the region of a life-saving case for a young man who needed urgent medical and surgical intervention, where he was handled very quickly and provided with emergency first aid services, which contributed to keeping him alive. Then he was transferred by the ambulance team in a quick time, and he was admitted to the major surgical operations room in King Abdullah Medical City before the occurrence of heart failure. The urgent medical examinations showed that the injury was in the left ventricle, which caused death in a rate of 60%.   
The health cluster confirmed that it was immediately decided to use drugs to strengthen the heart muscle and urgent blood transfusion, and to put an external device that helps blood circulation through the artery and vein of the thigh in order to help the heart and blood circulation of the patient and cool him in order to preserve his vital organs (brain, liver, kidney and lung). The patient’s chest was opened where they found that there was a hole of about 2 cm penetrating the heart muscle closer to 4 mm from the main artery feeding the heart muscle, and the hole was closed and sutured to ensure that the severe bleeding stopped. After that, the patient was transferred to the cardiac surgery care department after saving his life, and he recovered after 4 hours of the operation and his condition was monitored, until it stabilized and discharged from the hospital in good health and safety.

Last Update : 03 May 2023 04:12 AM
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