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Ministry of Health: An Updated Dose Against Mutants, and Concentrates on Completion of Immunization to Prevent Covid 19

Ministry of Health stressed the need to complete the immunization (Booster Dose) for citizens and residents of all ages, in order to prevent coronavirus (Covid-19). The Ministry indicated the availability of the updated dose of Corona Covid 19 vaccine for those wishing to obtain it, who have spent two months or more from the date of receiving the previous dose, from those of 12 years and above, noting that it is easy to obtain the vaccine by booking an appointment through “Sehhaty” application, indicating the target group to obtain the dose, the elderly, people with immune and chronic diseases, and high-risk groups, in addition to workers in work environments that increase the chance of infection or spread of the virus, and individuals who have received the previous dose for two months or more. Ministry of Health confirmed that this dose of the vaccine contains important updates against Corona virus (Covid 19) new mutants, and contributes to enhancing the level of completion of the individual's immunization against it, as well as it gives its recipients better protection against health complications resulting from infection with the virus.The booster dose represents a protective dose received after receiving the basic doses; With the aim of enhancing immunity against corona mutants, as the vaccine (basic doses previously received) has a relatively good level of effectiveness against virus mutants.

Last Update : 11 April 2023 11:58 AM
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