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Press Release on the (75th) Anniversary of The Establishment of The World Health Organization
08 April 2023

​​​​Based on the role of kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one of the main supporters of World Health Organization, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the countries all over the world celebrated the World Health Day under the slogan "Health for All" on the seventh of April 2023. This celebration coincides with the seventy-fifth anniversary of founding the World Health Organization, so about 75 years ago, World Health Organization treaty entered into force among the countries of the world, recognizing that health is not only a basic human right, but it is also essential to global peace and security, and this was documented in the constitution of the World Health Organization.

On that occasion, Ministry of Health expresses the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's congratulations to the World Health Organization on its (75th) anniversary of its founding.
Ministry of Health indicates that the Kingdom is considered one of the countries in the world most committed to public health issues, and that it plays an effective pioneering role over the past decades even before joining the World Health Organization in 1961 AD to support  this international organization and advocate its directives, and this is evident in the initiative launched by The Kingdom, while leading the Group Twenty (G20) during 2020, by holding an extraordinary summit to join efforts, contain the pandemic, and support the organization's directions, resulted in unprecedented global cooperation to establish an initiative to accelerate the availability of anti-Covid-19 tools ACT-Accelerator and its COVAX tool.
The Ministry also clarifies that the Kingdom is committed to the success of the three billion goals of the World Health Organization, which include comprehensive health coverage for all residents of the Kingdom, their protection from health emergencies, and their better enjoyment of a healthy life. In addition to ensuring the ease and quality of access to service as the basis of the health system, by providing health services to all through telephone service, telemedicine, primary healthcare centers and hospitals.
It is worth noting that the Kingdom has contributed to establishment of advanced centers to support the efforts of the World Health Organization, as it has so far reached nine comprehensive centers in several health fields such as patient safety, Mass gatherings medicine, combating antibiotic-resistant microbes, and other health fields, and these centers implement activities and programs in cooperation with WHO ranges from research, training, studies and surveys. The Kingdom also has technical and administrative contributions to the organization, represented by qualified Saudi cadres who contributed in the past and are still contributing and actively participating, whether as leading staff in the organization or active participants in the organization's files, such as independent government negotiation teams, patient safety committees, international health regulations, and certification committees for Polio Eradication, in addition to supporting the organization through direct and indirect financial contributions.​

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