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Ending the Suffering of a Patient from Difficulty Breathing in Najran
03 April 2023

The cardiac surgery team in Najran was able to end the suffering of a patient who suffered from difficulty breathing, by successfully conducting a 4-hour surgery, praise be to Allah.

Najran Health indicated that Cardiologists at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center at King Khalid Hospital conducted the necessary clinical examinations, which confirmed that the patient suffers from severe mitral valve stenosis, severe aortic valve regurgitation, and atrial fibrillation due to heart rheumatism, according to which an urgent surgical intervention was decided to expand the aortic trunk using an artificial graft to allow implantation of a valve whose size is commensurate with the patient's body mass, in addition to replacing mitral and aortic valves.

It is noteworthy that Prince Sultan Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery in the hospital succeeded in performing 47 open-heart surgeries during the past year 2022.

Last Update : 05 April 2023 03:19 PM
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