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Tuberous Tumor Removal Saves a Patient from Paralysis
22 March 2023

A medical team specialized in neurosurgery in Qassim performed a delicate 3-hour surgery that, praise to Allah, saved a patient from paralysis in the lower extremities. Qassim Health Cluster stated that neurosurgeons at Buraidah Central Hospital received a patient who complained of severe pain in the four limbs (hands and legs), with weakness in the legs, which led to his inability to stand upright and the ability to walk, as he has been suffering for several months. The treating team added that the necessary examinations, laboratory tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were performed, which showed that the patient had a tuberculous tumor that led to narrowing and laceration of the cartilage between the sixth and seventh vertebrae. As a result, the surgical team decided to perform an urgent surgery in which the tubercular tumor and adhesions to the wall of the esophagus and the trachea were removed. From the fifth and sixth vertebrae, placing a plate in the cervical spine, considering that no complications occurred during the implementation of the surgical work, after which the patient was transferred to the inpatient departments and the case was followed up by the nursing and rehabilitative teams that contributed to the improvement of his movement, praise be to Allah. The lower limbs were fully restored and the pain that he was suffering a long time ago disappeared. It is worth noting that the number of beneficiaries of outpatient services in the hospital amounted to more than 139,000 beneficiaries, while the number of x-rays was 120,000, in addition to more than three million twenty thousand laboratory examinations conducted by the hospital during the past year 2022.​

Last Update : 26 March 2023 12:39 PM
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