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Saving a Patient’s Heart Stopped 8 Minutes in Hail
21 March 2023

A medical team at King Salman Specialist Hospital in Hail managed to save the life of a patient whose heart stopped upon her arrival to hospital.
The team confirmed that the patient attended the emergency department while she was in a critical and emergency condition, and upon her arrival, her heart stopped, and the medical team rushed to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as she came back to life after a stop that lasted for (8) minutes, to be transferred directly after providing her first aid service to the intensive care unit because of her suffering from heartburn, congestion in body fluids, high acidity in the blood, and her suffering from lupus erythematosus with complications on the kidneys that led to fluid congestion and a drop in the oxygen level in the body.
The team treating the case indicated that all emergency measures were taken during the time of resuscitation, which, thanks to Allah, contributed to stabilizing the condition.
The team added that the patient was transferred to the inpatient department to receive close treatment services by the medical and nursing teams until she improves and the condition stabilizes then safely be discharged, upon Allah willing.
It is noteworthy that the emergency department at King Salman Specialist Hospital received in February 1987 beneficiaries, and the number of beneficiaries from outpatient clinics (OPC) is 10,285 beneficiaries, and the number of inpatients is 9011 beneficiaries.

Last Update : 22 March 2023 02:51 PM
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