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A 60-Minute Surgery Restores a Patient’s Vision Lost For 5 Years
20 March 2023
A medical team specialized in eye diseases in Jazan performed a delicate surgery that took (60 minutes) to restore the sight of a patient after he lost it five years ago.
Jazan Health indicated that medical staff in ophthalmology department at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital was able, praise to Allah, to restore the sight of a 50-year-old patient who was suffering from vision loss after suffering from previous complications in the eye due to a surgery performed to remove cataracts.
The medical team treating the case confirmed that after conducting clinical examinations, laboratory analyzes and x-rays, it was found that the lens was not implanted after the previous operation, due to the complications resulting from the removal of cataracts, which caused him weakness and loss of the inner wall of the lens, which led to a severe lack of vision to the point of being unable to see.
The treating team indicated that after making a treatment plan for the case, it was decided to perform a delicate surgery, whereby they implanted a lens in the eye, using special threads (Gortex), and fixing the lens with threads in the sclera of the eye was crowned with success, praise be to God.
They added that patient was followed up by providing intensive treatment services until he recovered and regained his sight completely and became able to see it naturally.
It is noteworthy that Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital in Jazan conducted 176 cases of glaucoma during the past year 2022, which poses a threat to the eye and causes high pressure inside it because of the presence of fluids in the eyeball.

Last Update : 23 March 2023 01:11 AM
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