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4 Hours to Extract Pus from a Patient's Skull
20 March 2023

​King Faisal Medical Complex (KFMC) in Taif, successfully conducted a brain and nerve surgery for a patient with permanent paralysis of the seventh facial nerve on the left side, which lasted for (4) hours, all praises be to Allah. The Ministry of Health in Taif said that the patient was received through outpatient clinics, then clinical and radiological examinations and intensive laboratory tests were performed, which confirmed that the cause of permanent paralysis of the seventh facial nerve was the effect of installing a peritoneal valve on the right side as a result of his exposure to a traffic accident four years ago, as well as the presence of pus gathering inside the skull, in the brain. The treating team added that it was decided to perform a surgical intervention to drain the pus from the skull, where the joint surgical team from neurosurgery and ENT surgery removed the air cells behind the left ear, drained the pus completely, made a patch and covered the brain from the lateral fibrous tissue of the left thigh, and then transferred the patient to The Intensive Care unit for follow-up by the nursing teams and provision of specialized treatment services until his recovery and his safe discharge from the hospital, upon Allah's willing. It is noteworthy that King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif has conducted over the past two months more than (2572) operations, which were all successful, praises be to Allah.​

Last Update : 26 March 2023 11:27 AM
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