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Ministry of Health: More than a Quarter of a Million Surgeries in the Year 2022
14 March 2023

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that 290,140 routine (non-critical) surgeries were conducted in various surgical specialties in the year 2022 in different regions of the Kingdom.
MOH stated that this represents a success after Corona pandemic, as it provided the beneficiaries with many health care services, which consisted of conducting 49,662 operations in Riyadh region, 8,765 in Tabuk region, 13,866 in Taif Governorate, 5,543 in Qurayyat Governorate, 2,631 in Al-Qunfudhah Governorate, 22,157 in Al-Qassim region, 7106 in the northern border region, 10146 in Najran region, 16196 in Makkah region, 17853 in Madina region, 19919 in Jazan region, 18594 in Jeddah province, 10162 in Hail region, 6935 in Hafr Al-Batin province, 20184 in the Eastern region, 7616 in Bisha Governorate, 8771 in Al-Baha Province, 24428 in Asir Province, 5937 in Al-Jawf Province, and 13669 in Al-Ahsa Province.
MOH showed that general surgery was the highest specialization in achievement with a rate of 21%, followed by obstetrics and gynecology with a rate of 14%, then ophthalmology with a rate of 13%.
In addition to developing strategic plans to recover from the effects of Corona pandemic on its healthcare services, the secondary and specialized care operations center at the National Health Center for Command and Control followed up and monitored waiting lists for routine surgeries, ensuring service access and scheduling the operation within 36 days, which is one of MOH's goals to enhance accessibility. For health services, the average number of patients added to the waiting list is approximately 18,000 patients per month at the level of the Ministry's hospitals. Obesity, dental, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, pediatrics, and orthopedics were the highest specialties in the waiting lists.
The Secondary and Specialized Care Operations Center, in cooperation with Ada’a Health Program, is one of the operations centers operating within the Ministry’s National Health Center for Command and Control, along with the Assistant Agency for Hospital Services.
The Ministry of Health confirmed that this comes within the framework of achieving the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 to promote public health, prevent diseases, improve access to health services through optimal coverage, comprehensive and fair geographical distribution, expand the provision of electronic health services and digital solutions, and improve the quality of healthcare services.​

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