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Saving The Life of a British Pilgrim Who Suffered an Acute Lung Crisis
12 March 2023
Emergency doctors in Makkah managed to save the life of a seventy-year-old British pilgrim who suffered an acute respiratory crisis while performing Umrah.
Makkah Healthcare Cluster indicated that the medical team at Ajyad Emergency Hospital was able, praise be to Allah, to deal quickly and provide ambulatory and emergency services when they received, as it became clear after conducting clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations that he was suffering from acute pneumonia and a decrease in the level of oxygen. The patient was placed on a ventilator and admitted to the intensive care unit in the hospital, where he received full care until the condition stabilized and his health improved after 4 days.
The medical team treating and supervising the case added that, after making sure that the patient's breathing was stable, the ventilator was lifted and vital signs returned normally until he was safely discharged from the hospital, Allah willing.
Makkah Healthcare Cluster confirmed the full readiness and preparedness of all the various hospital facilities, as Ajyad Emergency Hospital is operating at full capacity, its medical staff, and the hospital's highly qualified human cadres to provide the best medical care of the highest quality.
It is worth noting that Ajyad Emergency Hospital was able, during the past year 2022, to provide medical services to 637 intensive care admissions.​

Last Update : 12 March 2023 09:39 PM
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