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Urgent Intervention to Extract a Key from a Child's Esophagus

A medical team in Taif Governorate was able to save a child who almost died after he was brought to the emergency department in a critical condition, and he underwent a successful laparoscopic operation, all praises be to Allah. King Faisal Specialist Complex (KFSC) indicated that they had received a case of a child in a critical health condition suffering from shortness of breath, which necessitated the provision of first aid and the conduct of clinical and radiological examinations, which revealed presence of a foreign body like a key in the esophagus.The team treating the case said that an urgent endoscopy was performed immediately and an iron key was extracted from the esophagus, which almost took​ his life, then he was followed up in the hospitalization department by the nursing teams until the condition stabilized and discharged safely, all praises be to Allah. It is worth noting that King Faisal Specialist Complex has performed more than 2572 surgeries in the past two months. 

Last Update : 14 March 2023 10:30 AM
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