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MOH: Faster Access to Doctors through "Virtual Clinics Service" Via "Sehhaty" App.
12 March 2023

Ministry of Health (MOH) clarified that "virtual clinics" service enables the beneficiary to obtain medical care and attend his appointment with the doctor remotely through "Sehhaty" application.

MOH confirmed that this service is characterized by the fact that it contributes to reducing effort and time to obtain healthcare services, and facilitating adherence to appointments, noting that the beneficiary can obtain such service by logging in to "Sehhaty" application if the service is available in the healthcare center, and then book a “virtual” appointment, at which time a text message will be sent to the beneficiary’s mobile phone spelling out appointment details, and the “virtual” appointment link, as the virtual service is available in a number of clinics, including family medicine clinics, anti-smoking clinics, and pregnant follow-up.
Ministry of Health clarified the steps for booking for this service in "Sehhaty" application through an infographic that it published on its Twitter account and various media platforms.
This service comes within MOH's efforts to achieve goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to promote public health, prevent diseases, expand the provision of e-health services, digital solutions, and improve quality of health services.

Last Update : 13 March 2023 10:37 AM
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