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King Fahd Medical City Develops a Technology to Treat Cystic Bone Tumors

A joint team between interventional radiology and bone tumors at King Fahd Medical City, one of the components of Riyadh Health Cluster II, succeeded in developing a technique for treating cystic bone tumors using a limited use of the cryogenic technique enhanced by injecting bone graft that stimulates bone formation. King Fahd Medical City stated that it had published the scientific paper in the CVIR journal, which is considered one of the largest international journals in the field of interventional radiology for treatment of oncology, and registered it in the name of the city in February 2023. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries introduced the cryosurgery technique by means of interventional radiology to treat cystic bone tumors in 2019 by injecting sclerosing materials. ​The joint medical team between interventional radiology and bone tumors explained during their research to devise a new, non-surgical method that dispenses the patient with the traditional method of treating such a type of tumor, dispensing with surgery and bone curettage, and then injecting calcified material or bone transplantation, as this type of operation is required. Sessions may reach up to more or less than four sessions per patient. The medical team devised a minimally invasive method of freezing treatment of cystic tumors with a mechanism that does not hinder bone formation, and then injected bone grafts to help speed up rehabilitation and recovery of the patient and prevent complications, known as post-freezing fractures. King Fahd Medical City indicated that the city always endeavors to localize modern technologies that help raise quality of health services for patients, and this technology has been used on more than six patients, and the results were excellent – all praises be to Allah - In addition to reaching bone building for some patients within three months of treatment with this modern technique.

Last Update : 14 March 2023 10:43 AM
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