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Head Surgery Restores Movement to a Paralyzed Patient
05 March 2023

A medical team from the Department of Neurosurgery at King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf succeeded in restoring the movement of a patient suffering from complete paralysis of the right limbs, in an operation lasted for 3 hours, all praises be to Allah.
 Al-Ahsa Health Cluster stated that the patient was admitted to King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf through the emergency department. She suffered from inability to move the right limbs and inability to walk. Immediately, necessary clinical examinations and x-rays were performed, which showed severe encephalitis with pus foci gathering under the dura mater. It was decided to conduct surgery to lift the skull and withdraw the pus gatherings over the cortex, brain and subdural matter and reduce brain pressure.
The Health Cluster indicated that the operation was successful - thanks to Allah - and the patient regained the ability to move all limbs and walk. The patient's treatment is completed with the necessary antibiotics, and she is currently undergoing an intensive rehabilitation program that helps her return to normal life.
 It is noteworthy that King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf is the referral hospital in the province, able to perform more than 6,000 surgeries until the end of last year. Including a number of specific operations that require precise specialization, while providing treatment services to outpatient clinics for more than 142,589 patients, the number of inpatients reached 11,020 beneficiaries, while the number of emergency patients exceeded 112 thousand patients.

Last Update : 06 March 2023 03:16 PM
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