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Arar Health Conducts an Urgent Intervention to Repair Herniated Disc
02 March 2023

​Spine specialized doctors in the Northern Borders region were successfully able to end pains of a patient suffering from a herniated disc in the back, in a surgery lasted for two hours, all praises be to Allah. Ministry of Health (MOH) in the Northern Borders said that a medical team at Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaed Hospital (PAMH) in Arar was able to end the suffering of a patient from severe back pain for more than 8 months. Where necessary x-rays and examinations were conducted, which confirmed existence of a migratory herniated disc between the fourth and fifth vertebrae, in which the separation reached 4 cm and headed to the lower back valley, which caused severe pressure on nerves with partial paralysis and involuntary urination. The treating medical team confirmed that it was decided, after developing the treatment plan, to perform a surgical intervention and successfully perform a cartilage removal after the herniated part of the disc was removed using the classic left posterior approach, opening the yellow ligament, removing the mass, and freeing the nerves from pressure, and then transferring the patient to hospitalization rooms for following the treatment plan until stabilization of the condition and leaving the hospital safely. It is worth noting that outpatient clinics at Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaed Hospital in Arar provided medical and therapeutic services to 67,938 beneficiaries last year 2022, while the number of surgical operations reached 2,165, including routine and critical operations and obesity operations, and 40,122 services were provided in the X-ray department 40122 and 3110 services In CT scans, the Ambulance and Emergency Section received more than 66,000 patients, and 509,330 laboratory tests were performed.

Last Update : 06 March 2023 12:07 PM
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