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Dental Implants for a Patient After Jaw Rehabilitation in Najran
27 February 2023

Maxillofacial surgeons at the Specialized Dental Center in Najran were able to end the suffering of a 20-year-old girl who suffers from rare disorders in the formation and growth of teeth that led to the loss of all her teeth, because of an extraction at the age of seventeen, which led to a significant atrophy of the upper and lower jaw bones.
Najran Health stated that the patient underwent a treatment program, as the dentists decided to perform a surgery for full rehabilitation, starting with the vaccination of the jaw by transplanting bone under general anesthesia, through which the medical staff managed to perform a successful bone vaccination operation, praise be to Allah, and after nearly 6 months the second stage began to repeat the rehabilitation in which 11 implants were conducted for both the upper and lower jaws under general anesthesia for bone healing which requires a period of 60 days, followed by the start of the fixed structures, and the patient is currently in good health, praise be to Allah.
It is worth noting that the Specialized Dental Center provided its services during the past year to 54198 patients, and the treatment of nerve to 7473 patients, in addition to providing fixed installations services to 5042 beneficiaries, while the number of beneficiaries of moving fixtures reached 1587 and in dental implants benefited 663, and provided examination and diagnostic services for 5843 and 1825 beneficiaries of oral health examinations, and maxillofacial surgeons performed various operations for 5111 patients and orthodontics for 9233 references, while children's dentistry services were provided to 3269 children.​

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