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Extracting Seven Magnets from Intestines of a Child
26 February 2023


A specialized medical team in pediatric surgery in Hafr Al-Batin Governorate managed to save a child's life and extract 7 magnetic pieces in a delicate surgery that took 3 hours and was crowned with success, praise be to God.
MOH in Hafar Al-Batin said that doctors at the Maternity and Children Hospital received a case of a 3-year-old child suffering from severe abdominal pain. As a result, clinical, x-ray and laboratory examinations were conducted, which confirmed presence of metal objects inside the intestines, which necessitated immediate admission of the child to the operating room, and a surgical intervention to extract these bodies.
The team performed a delicate surgery by making small holes in the abdominal wall and extracting 7 magnetic objects from the toy’s components in the digestive system, which resulted in more than 3 holes in the intestinal wall and suturing the intestinal holes. Then he was transferred directly to hospitalization and his condition was followed up by the nursing teams, until his condition stabilized and left the hospital.
Doctors instructed parents on the importance of monitoring their children, and choosing toys appropriate for their age, in order to prevent occurrence of such situations, stressing that this case is the second of its kind during the past nine months.
It is worth noting that emergency departments and outpatient clinics at the Maternity and Children Hospital provided services to 242,745 beneficiaries last year, and the number of beneficiaries from services of emergency departments reached 194,107 beneficiaries, while outpatient clinics provided services to 48,638 beneficiaries, the number of services of the Children  Developmental and Behavioral Disorders Center reached 477, the number of 47,704 visitors to the radiology department, 982,279 to the laboratory, 355,213 prescriptions were dispensed, and 8,314 surgeries were performed during the same period.

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