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Saving a Young Man's Life Who Suffered Injuries in Chest
19 February 2023

A medical team specialized in treating injuries and accidents in Riyadh, successfully performed an urgent surgery to save the life of a young man who suffered several injuries in chest area at the heart side, and in forearm, pelvis, and his back. 
The Second Riyadh Cluster indicated that doctors of Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital (PMAH) received a case in the emergency department for an unstable health condition because of severity of injuries he was exposed to. Immediately, a primary critical care and an initial x-ray examination was done, where they found that there was damage to the rib cage, the heart box, and the abdominal cavity, which caused severe bleeding. He was transferred directly to the operation theater to conduct an exploratory operation in the abdomen, heart, and chest to control bleeding in the abdominal cavity in addition to an endoscope to the esophagus and the upper part of the stomach during the operation to ensure its safety.
The team added that, with the help of Allah, it was possible to save the life of the injured, since this type of injury leads to a high death rate.
It is worth noting that the Emergency & Critical Care Center at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital is considered the approved center for receiving accidents and injuries in the second Riyadh Health Cluster, and it receives direct cases and life-saving cases from hospitals affiliated to the Cluster, where the surgical and medical staff and support services are distinguished by following international standards and specialized recommendations In the field of trauma and accident surgery.

Last Update : 19 February 2023 08:45 PM
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