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Hafr Al-Batin Received 20 Newborns a Day Last Year
12 February 2023


Gynaecology and Obstetrics hospitals in Hafar Al-Batin received 20 newborn per day, with a total of more than 7,000 births during the past year.
Hafar Al-Batin Health confirmed that the statistics of the number of births in maternity and children's hospitals amounted to 7,326, with an average of 610 births per month, praise be to Allah. The number of male babies reached 3,717, and the number of female babies reached 3,609.
Hafar Al-Batin Health Affairs indicated that the number of cesarean section births that were performed in hospitals reached 2,747, while the number of natural births reached 4,503.

It is worth noting that the emergency departments and outpatient clinics at the Maternity and Children Hospital provided services to 242,745 beneficiaries, during the year 2022 AD, as the number of beneficiaries from the services of emergency departments reached 194,107 beneficiaries, while the outpatient clinics provided services to 48,638 beneficiaries, and the number of visitors to the radiology department reached 47,704, and the laboratory is 982,279, and 355,213 prescriptions were dispensed, and 8,314 surgeries were performed during the same period.

The Maternity and Children Hospital, with a capacity of 300 beds, is one of the specialized health facilities in the governorate, which provides quality health services in the field of gynecology and children through modern equipment and the medical and technical staff available in the hospital.

Last Update : 13 February 2023 06:55 PM
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