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Under auspices of HE Minister of Health, the GDIPC Honors Winning Hospitals in (Go Green) Competition
13 February 2023

Under the auspices of His Excellency Minister of Health, Mr. Fahad bin Abdurrahman Al-Jalajel, in the presence of Assistant Minister of Health, today, on February 12th, 2023, General Directorate of Infection Prevention & Control (GDIPC) honored winning hospitals in the "Go Green" Competition, as this ceremonial is considered one of the activities accompanying the national project to reduce blood infection associated with central venous catheters, which was launched in 2022. With participation of 26 hospitals across the Kingdom, where all hospitals sought to compete for a full year in order to achieve the objective of reducing infection through most important national and international standards.
It is noteworthy that the national project to reduce blood infection associated with central venous catheters was launched at the beginning of 2022 to raise the level of application of infection control standards in intensive care units by reducing the rate of blood infection associated with medical care, which may pose a real threat to patient health and the high cost of health care. The project is among national projects accompanying the Health Transformation Program, which contribute significantly to achieving its strategic objectives, the most important of which is strengthening prevention against health risks and raising quality of health care.
This project included a set of initiatives and activities that extend to 2024. During the ceremonial, winning hospitals of the competition were announced and honored in the presence of MOH leaders, communities, health facilities and health practitioners participating in this national health competition. In addition, a national project was launched to reduce infections associated with urinary catheters during provision of medical care over the next 3 years.​

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