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Ministry of Health launches a new version of "Sehhaty App"
08 February 2023

​Ministry of Health is launching a new version of Sehhaty app, which is the unified application for providing health services to individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ministry of Health stated that Sehhaty application, in its latest version, is preparing to provide many quality services and unique benefits. Including providing a better experience for booking health appointments, reviewing medical prescriptions, in addition to services and features to promote the practice of walking, special services for women's health, early warning of weather conditions for asthmatics, adding and reminding of medicines, and a search engine to facilitate access to services. While the Ministry motivates the community to update the application through application stores to benefit from these services. It is noteworthy that the "Sehhaty" application serves more than 27 million beneficiaries, and achieved more than 11 million appointments, more than two million registrants in the "know your numbers" service, and "4 million remote appointments", in addition to 700 thousand instant consultations.​

To download Sehhaty app​ ( click here​

Last Update : 09 February 2023 01:07 PM
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