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MOH Renews Citizens’ Motivation to Quickly Convert their Children's Paper Vaccination Cards into Digital Ones
07 February 2023

Ministry of Health has renewed its stimulus to citizens to convert their children's paper vaccination cards into digital ones, which comes as an extension of the service that MOH recently launched, which is the electronic certificate service for children’s vaccinations as an alternative to the paper certificate, as part of the health digital transformation to facilitate health services for citizens, within the framework of the great importance of children’s vaccinations and the record where they are documented, by going to a clinic and documenting vaccinations in order to facilitate steps of booking appointments in the clinic. So that an appointment is booked at the vaccination Documentation clinic, and then go to health care center with the paper vaccination record to register the vaccinations. Then the certificate will appear in “Sehhaty” application, after which the vaccinations will continue to be registered electronically.
It is noteworthy that "Sehhaty" is an application launched by Ministry of Health to provide health services to individuals in the Kingdom, and it allows the user to access health information and obtain several health services provided by various authorities in the health sector.

Last Update : 09 February 2023 12:08 PM
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