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Three hours to remove 6 tumors from a patient in Jeddah
31 January 2023

A medical team specialized in oncology managed to save the life of a patient in Jeddah who was suffering from severe abdominal pain, in a 3-hour successful surgery. Jeddah Health stated that the surgical medical team in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at King Abdullah Medical Complex received an emergency case of a seventy-year-old patient suffering from severe flatulence with chronic pain for 4 months. Clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations revealed the presence of 6 separate cancerous tumors in her body included tumors on the ovaries, severe ascites in the abdomen, with the tumor spreading to the intestines, a tumor on the spleen, and a tumor on the peritoneum.The medical team specialized in oncology diseases decided, after studying the case, to perform the appropriate surgery to save the patient’s life in addition to the removal of multiple and sporadic tumors in body, where the removal of the tumor of the ovaries and tubes in addition to the removal of the uterus and removal of the tumor from the spleen and removal of infected lymph nodes and removal of part of the infected intestine. The medical team indicated that the patient was transferred to inpatient department to carry out treatment follow-ups with the specialized nursing teams until the condition stabilizes and she is discharged from the hospital and the necessary follow-ups are completed with the outpatient clinics. It is noteworthy that the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah performed (469) surgeries to treat gynecological diseases during the past year 2022 AD.​​

Last Update : 01 February 2023 12:22 PM
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