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Vision Corrected for 400 Patients in Taif
30 January 2023

Ophthalmologists in Taif were able to successfully correct vision of 400 patient in corrective operations, all praises be to Allah, in the past year.
Ministry of Health in Taif said that the Eye Center at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital was able to conduct 400 operations to correct difficult refractive defects, especially cases after corneal transplantation, rings, and cleaning of corneal opacities.
Taif MOH said that the center provided its health and treatment services to 38 thousand and 711 patients, which included examining the refractive state of the eye, measuring glasses, periodic detection of diabetic retinopathy, treatment of diabetic retinopathy, periodic detection of white water and its surgical and laser treatment, as well as treatment of glaucoma medically and surgically. Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of keratoconus, follow-up and treatment of strabismus with glasses and surgically, and finally follow-up and treatment of seasonal eye infections.
It also indicated that the center performed in the same period more than 3871 operations, which varied between major operations, amounted to 1295 operations, and minor operations, amounted to 2576 operations, including cataract surgery, lens implantation, laser vision correction or lens implantation, treatment of retinopathy with laser or amblyopia, as well as squint correction surgeries and retina surgeries, vitreous fluid, eyelid cyst removal surgery, lacrimal duct and tear duct surgeries, corneal transplantation and stabilization surgeries, adenoid removal surgery, and eyeball restoration surgeries.

Last Update : 31 January 2023 04:05 AM
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