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6 Hours of Surgery to Save Jazan 3-Year-Old Girl's Heart
29 January 2023

A specialized medical team in Jazan region was able to end suffering of a child due to a hole in the heart that caused her health problems. As a result, she was transferred to Emergency Section within the classification of Emergency Cases and Saving Life in an urgent successful operation that took 6 hours, all praises be to Allah.
Jizan Health said that the Heart Center at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital received the case of a 3-year-old girl who suffers from high-risk health problems and has a developmental delay with frequent infections in lungs. in the aortic valve.
Jizan Health indicated that medical teams supervising the case carried out immediate coordination with the departments of pediatric cardiology, operations, critical care for children, heart surgery, and cardiac perfusion, as a result of which it was decided to conduct urgent surgical intervention and classify it as part of open-heart operations, in which the hole between the ventricles was closed by means of the crystalline membrane surrounding the heart.
And it indicated that they transferred the child to intensive care after the operation to complete the follow-up of the case by specialized medical and nursing teams until stability and recovery to be discharged in good health. 
It is worth noting that the Heart Center at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital in Jazan performed 137 open-heart surgeries in the past year, in addition to conducting 2814 cardiac catheterizations in the same period.

Last Update : 29 January 2023 04:46 PM
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