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Saving the Lives of 51 Patients with Open-Heart Surgery
26 January 2023

​​Cardiologists in Al-Jouf were able to save the lives of 51 patients by performing urgent and emergency open-heart surgeries, all of which were successful, praise be to Allah. Al-Jouf Health stated that the open-heart surgeries that were performed for patients reached the emergency departments as emergency and life-saving cases that are dealt with according to the approved medical protocols for treating such cases. They also indicated that the operations that were carried out varied between transplanting arteries, replacing valves, and removing rare tumors from the heart, noting that the center provided specialized curative, preventive, and ambulatory services through outpatient departments to 6,536 patients during the year 2022 AD. They clarified that the doctors were able - praise be to Allah - to perform 1,237 medical interventions to perform cardiac catheters, in addition to providing treatment services to (959) in the cardiac care departments, and treatment services were provided to 541 cases in the inpatient departments, and endoscopic operations were performed for 53 cases, as well and 2184 cases of heart imaging for adults, and specialized services were provided for (1631) cases of pediatric specialization.

Last Update : 29 January 2023 12:36 PM
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